PressPage Feature Index

Discover the features and options provided by the PressPage platform in the list below. As a customer, you can also login and see the roadmap to get a sense of what is coming up next!

Core Modules

Contacts Show details of contact persons, from name, title and telephone number to social media channels. For a more personal touch, a profile picture can be easily added. The default display mode includes a small version next to the contact details, where the avatar mode puts a bigger version above the contact details for a more personal touch.
Links The Link module enables Users to add URLs to internal and external sources. Internal sources will open in the same window and external sources will open in a new window.
Custom buttons The platform includes 50+ modules but in the unlikely case of unsupported widgets or other embeddable features, the Custom module can help out. This module allows Users to add HTML, CSS and Javascript to pages to create their own widgets and modules. The Custom modules have togglable titles and can be positioned to all available columns in a specific order.
Tagcloud A Tagcloud module can be enabled to show the most used tags across the Newsroom. The most used tags will show brighter and larger and will open the tagged archive when clicked upon. Tags can be excluded by adding one or multiple excluded tags.
Quotes To emphasize on a quote, the User can make use of the Quote module. One or more Quote modules can be added and each Quote module can contain multiple quotes. Each quote can be provided with a text, author and social media channels. The quote can be tweeted by visitors by simply clicking on the Tweet button.
Calendar Show your roadmap, event guide or other important dates with the Calendar module. The User can toggle the Calendar module to display as a List, Calendar widget or a combination of the two. The Calendar can be positioned and ordered the way the User wants. Each Calendar item can contain an image, title, description, date, time and optionally be connected to an internal release. Showing images can be toggled on or off and the Calendar can show past events if desired.

Social Integrations

Slide ShareThe platform allows one or multiple SlideShare presentations to be included in the Newsroom by providing a URL. The presentations can be changed in order by simply drag and dropping.
FlickrAdd a Flickr stream to pages by providing the URL of the Flickr profile. This widget will show the latest photos of the profile and allows visitors to open the photo on the Flickr page.
InstagramAdd a Instagram stream by connecting a Instagram profile. This widget will show the latest photos of the profile and allows visitors to enlarge the photos in a popup.
PinterestAdd one or multiple Pinterest widgets by providing a URL to boards or profiles. The height of the widgets can be set manually and the order can be changed in the Module Order section of the Platform.
TwitterAdd one or multiple Twitter widgets by providing a Twitter handle or a keyword. Providing a handle will show the Twitter profile stream widget with the latest tweets of the provided profile. Providing a keyword will show the Twitter Search widget which shows the latest tweets which contain the provided keyword. The order of the widgets can be changed in the Module Order section of the Platform.
Twitter cardsTwittercard metadata can be enabled for accounts which will include the necessary data to pages to generate Twitter cards.
FacebookAdd a Facebook Like pile widget by providing the URL of a Company page. This widget will show the latest connected Facebook Users which “liked” the provided Company page. The option to show the latest posts of the provided Facebook page is also possible by adding the URL of a Company page in the Facebook Wall Stream widget module.
Social buttonsThe Platform allows Users to add multiple Social buttons to pages. The buttons can be used by Visitors to directly visit social pages in a blank window. Social buttons can be added in a separate Social block module or added to contact persons.
ShortnersThe Platform automatically generates a Google short URL for every page ( By default, every Social message pushed out via the Platform will display the full URL of the page. This URL can be set to show as a generated Google short URL or as a custom set short URL. Custom short URLs are set via our integrated service by providing a Username and API key.
AddThisThe platform makes use of the AddThis widget which allows Visitors to share Releases and Multimedia via 300+ social channels. This widget can be turned off in the Account settings.
Social Share barEach Release will have its own generated Social share bar on top of the page. This bar contains a Tweet button, Facebook Like button, LinkedIn Share button and a Google Plus Share button. All buttons will show the amount of shares it got but this feature can be disabled. For German pages, the Xing share button will appear. On mobile devices the Whatsapp Share button will show. Clicking on each of the buttons will display a message box in which the Visitor can specify a message to share.

Interactive Modules

Poll Add a poll widget to pages by simply adding a question and 2 or more answers. The answers can be reordered by drag and dropping. Answering a poll can only be done 1 time per Visitor (IP address). The poll results will show after an answer has been given. The results can be reset by the User.
Form Add custom built Forms to your pages by simply adding fields and drag and dropping them into place. Customize the titles of labels, text of buttons and change the order of radio- and checkbox elements. Email notifications, when Visitors fill out a form, can be enabled.
Comments Enable the Comment module to pages so Visitors can interact with the publisher or other visitors. The User can reply to messages, approve or decline messages or set the page to automatically approve all incoming messages. The User can also add an Email address to get notified when a new message or reply has been added and toggle the ability to reply to messages as a Visitor. The messages can be set to order by ascending or descending date.
Button The Button module lets Users create one or multiple custom buttons which link to external pages or link to pages created within the Platform. The buttons can be set to display as images, text or a combination of the two. The buttons can be set to align horizontally or vertically and be set to open in a new window.


Images Support for multiple image galleries per page, with display options (default, gallery with optional auto-scroll or a 3D carousel). The Image modules and their images can ordered by drag and dropping. The images can be shared by Visitors using social channels and downloaded in low or high resolution.
Videos Multiple video modules are supported, with default (plain) display option or gallery with optional auto-scroll. Videos can be shared using social channels and downloaded if the source (MP4) is provided.
Audio Regularly used to include radio interviews, the audio module provides a solid player and download functionality for MP3 files.
Downloads To offer visitors all kinds of files, a download module is easily added. The Media Manager can be used to alter titles and descriptions to optimize the way files are presented.

Media Manager

Mass upload Allows you to select a large number of files and upload them in one batch. After that, easily edit the title, description and other meta data using the Media Manager.
Copyright Ability to provide a general copyright text that applies to all media files and an option to add specific copyrights to individual files.
Stock image library Direct access to millions of stock images for use in campaigns. Get 3 images a month for free, $10 for each additional.
Metadata Editing of titles, descriptions, categories and other metadata is quickly done using the Media Manager, even multiple files at once using the mass edit functionality.
Edit thumbnail Create the perfect thumbnail for your image by selecting a specific part of the original image.
Replace file Ability to replace an old file if a new version is available. This especially happens a lot with press releases and annual reports.

Media Library

Filters Use Category Manager to define categories connected to tags, which can be used to easily filter all media items (images, videos, audio, downloads etc).
Search Quickly find media files using keywords.
RSS All media items are included in a dedicated RSS (XML) feed, next to specific feeds per category.
Tabs Media files are automatically categorized using tabs to enable visitors to easily find the right type of content.
Multi-select All items can be downloaded as single items or selected to be downloaded in a ZIP folder.

Newsroom Sub-pages

Archive An overview of all published releases with optional display of featured images. Visitors can easily find releases using the search functionality and the month/year filters.
Facebook newsroom Integrate a special version of your newsroom into your Facebook company page without any effort.
Coverage Add a coverage archive by providing coverage items such as links to articles and PDF files. The platform will automatically generate screenshots of URLs and will generate thumbnails for files. A title, description and date can be added for each coverage item. Each uploaded coverage item to a Release can be selected to show in Newsrooms as well.
Search The Search module enables the Visitors to search through the Newsroom. The search results will show all relevant items connected to the specified keyword. The keyword is used to search items by title, subtitle, text, tags and image metadata. The results can be filtered by date and paginated. Clicking on headlines will open the Release in the same window and clicking on Multimedia will open the item in a popup window. The Search module can be integrated into the Newsroom and set to show in every other page. The search module can also be positioned inside the template to replace the search box of the Clients website.
Custom pages Create anything from small product pages to biographies and other pages you would like to include in your newsroom. Custom pages give you creative freedom.

Headline Modules

Featured release Use the Featured release module to highlight a specific release on your page. Set the module to display the latest release or set it to a fixed release. The module can be displayed in 4 different display modes; default, top image, overlay and full width overlay mode.
News carousel Make headlines stand out by making use of the News carousel module. This module can be set to 3 different display modes; default carousel, slider or a full width slider display mode. All display modes will display the title, body text and featured image of a headline. The interval of the item transitions can be set to a range of 1 to 10 seconds per item.
Headline list A list of up to 10 releases, by default only displaying titles and publish dates. Next to this default list, two other display modes are available; scroll and blocks. By using tags, specific collections of releases can be included or excluded. A number of options can be toggled to show or hide the subtitle, featured image, a video thumbnail, share buttons, tags and the number of (media) files of each of the listed releases.
RSS The Newsroom generates several RSS feeds for Visitors to subscribe to or to embed news on their websites. RSS feeds are generated for all headlines and can be filtered by tags and be limited to show a specific amount of items. The Coverage and Multimedia archives also offer a RSS feed which includes all uploaded Coverage and Multimedia items. Feeds are regenerated whenever items are saved, published or deleted. The platform also offers a RSS module which Users can use to embed external feeds on their Newsrooms. The items can be shown in a list or as a scrolling feature with accompanying thumbnails.


Mail Composer * Create an email using existing release content or simply create a new email. The WYSIWYG editor lets you markup body text and attachments are easily added. Custom templates make sure every email is designed according to brand guidelines.
List management * Upload contacts in CSV format and add them to one or multiple lists. Search and tag functionality help to efficiently manage large amounts of contacts.
Subscribe * Let visitors easily subscribe by adding the Subscribe module to your newsroom and/or releases. Subscribers get added to your database automatically.
Mail Statistics * Get insights into email activity; opens, clicks, bounces, unsubscribes and more. On individual contact level, see who opened specific emails and clicked on links. Valuable information to do follow ups or improve your next campaign.
Social push Authenticate social profiles to enable scheduled or instant auto-posting content to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn (personal and brand pages). All post entries and images are optimized and tagged properly, so descriptions and titles will be correctly referenced. For Twitter, the featured image can be toggled on or off and a character counter helps to make sure tweets stay within the 140 character limit. Twitter Cards are automatically generated and displayed. The Social Distribution functionality allows for a streamlined publication process where releases and social posts get published simultaneously.
Embargo Give a select group of people a preview before publishing. Prevent others from accessing the content by adding a username and password.
Schedule The intuitive publication process facilitates instant publication or scheduling while supporting multiple languages. Connected social posts, mail, partners and other services will be triggered simultaneously at time of publication.
Media lists * Next to major social media platforms, we connect to local partners like Pressvine, and DePerslijst. This enables the use of media lists and a broader reach.

* Additional product


Brand guidelines The flexibility of the PressPage Platform allows for adoption of brand guidelines to create beautiful newsrooms, giving visitors a seamless experience. We make it our mission to be as invisible as possible, as we put our customers above all.
Responsive All newsrooms and releases are fully responsive, making sure that visitors have an optimal experience on any device.
Favicon Add a custom icon to be displayed inside the browser's location bar and bookmark menu when your newsroom is displayed. It is a good way to brand your newsroom and increase it's prominence in your visitor's bookmark menu.


Visitors See traffic coming in, even in real-time on the dashboard. Also easily see which websites are referring to a particular campaign and the returning/new visitor ratio.
Most viewed Get an overview of the most popular campaigns, downloads, images and other media items to see what works best and adjust your content calendar accordingly.
Third party Integrate your Google Analytics, ComScore or other third party analytics tool to get deeper insight and keep data together.
Report (PDF) Generate a report with one click, based on your selection. Easily send the PDF to your colleagues.


Meta information Every page has generated meta information but can be customized by the User. Meta title, description, keywords and the canonical URL can be set.
Featured image A featured image can be set for every page within the platform. This image will show when a page is shared on social channels or displayed in a Headline module. The image will also be included in the RSS feeds of the Newsroom. A default (fallback) featured image can be set in the account settings.
Tags Add tags to pages, multimedia and coverage items to connect and group Headline or Multimedia sections. These tags will also be used to filter headlines in archive pages and RSS feeds and will show in the metadata of pages.
URL The platform will automatically generate a URL for all pages but can be overwritten by specifying a new slug.
Canonical urls The platform will generate its own canonical URLs but can be overwritten by specifying a new URL.
Indexed and Searchable All Newsrooms have their own generated sitemaps which can be used by search engines to pick up new and existing content. Every page is optimized to make use of heading elements, page sections and metadata to improve searchability.


Dashboard After logging in, the dashboard opens and displays an overview of the number of published, planned and draft releases of the current month, the last modified releases to instantly get back to work. To get a quick view on the performance of the latest published release, a (real-time) visitor graph is displayed. The dashboard also contains shortcuts to platform news, tickets, comments and to quickly add a new case.
Mass edit Throughout the Platform, the User can make use of Mass edit functionalities to save a lot of work. The order of Modules, the selected items of Image and Social modules, the boilerplates and selected Contacts, can all be Mass copied to all available other pages. The Media Manager also includes Mass edit functionalities to copy all Multimedia data to other languages within the Newsroom.
Multi Distribution For Users who manage multiple Accounts, the Multi Distribution is a handy tool. This tool enables the User to copy and publish a Release to multiple Accounts so it will automatically appear in multiple account without having to copy and paste.
Drag and drop To make the use of the Platform as easy and fun as possible, the platform makes a lot of use of drag & drop. This way, each module, element or item can be easily positioned.

Account & Advanced

Export data We strongly believe in the importance of offering a good User Experience and clients who would want to part ways with us are also part of that. That is why we also want to make that experience a good experience in offering a full Export Data functionality. This enables the client to have a fully data extract of the Newsroom with a click of the button. All headlines and multimedia will be offered in a handy downloadable ZIP folder.
Data migration Let our team import data (from XML) into PressPage from your current system to preserve your archive.
Domain Make use of a custom domain, whether it is a subdomain ( or a part of the main domain ( PressPage can adapt to the preferred domain structure.
Crisis option * In time of crisis, it’s good to have all incoming traffic redirected to a specific release which you can completely design and modify on the go. This option can be toggled for all available Newsrooms.
Umbrella * This special type of newsroom can not only have it’s own content but also feed content from and into a sub-newsroom (child). An interesting option for holding companies who manage multiple brands.
Roadmap See what our development team is currently working on and what has been delivered already. We strive to be as transparent as possible.
Support Users of the platform can ask for help, suggest ideas, report bugs or praise our work by creating tickets in the Support section. Newly created tickets or replies will notify the account manager which will respond as soon as possible. When a ticket has been replied to, the User will receive a notification in the Manager which will automatically link back to the ticket. The User can add 1 or multiple attachments to tickets and tickets can be reopened by the User if needed.

* Additional product